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When Should You Buy Your Forever Home?

Have you outgrown your starter home? Or envision settling into a place where you’ll put down deep roots in the community? You might be on the hunt for your "forever home." Let's explore what exactly "forever home" means and when the time is right to find your long-term haven.

What Defines a Forever Home?

A forever home is where your family finds long-term harmony. It's where compromises are minimal, and your wish list is a priority. That three-car garage or spacious owner’s suite you've always wanted? They belong here. In contrast, starter homes are smaller and more budget-friendly. Newlyweds and first-time buyers might embrace them, planning to move once their family grows and they build equity to springboard them to their dream home.

When to Look for Your Forever Home

There is no magic age for this decision, since everyone finds this chapter of life at a different time. Feeling constrained? Yearning for the home features you’d always wanted “one day”? Ready for a slightly higher mortgage? The timing could be right. It’s fluid and unique to each person.

Delve into Your Wishlist

Less so than starter homes, your forever home demands a focused wishlist. The neighborhood should be a top priority. Proximity to schools, parks, and accessibility matters for long-term quality of life. Size is another facet—consider present and future needs. Your forever home should stand the test of time, even as your lifestyle and family’s needs evolve.

Embrace the Journey

Labeling it a "forever home" isn't obligatory - life sometimes takes unexpected turns! It's about finding your "next home," one that fits your life today and tomorrow while accepting that you can’t exactly predict the future.

Reach out today if you’re ready to start your dream home search!


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