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Interior Paint Color Picks to Sell Your Home

When you are living in your home, it should be a place that is a reflection of the unique tastes and authentic lives of the people who live there. No need to concern yourself with trends as long as YOU love your space. Once you decide to list however, your goal is for buyers to visualize their future in the home. A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to freshen and transform your interior space, and if you are prepping to sell, you can cash in by choosing colors that are popular with today's buyers. Luckily, choosing the right shade to appeal to home-seekers is a pretty easy formula; keep it light, and put it in neutral. These colors are so appealing, you may want to use them in your space even if you are planning to stay put. As a neutral loving gal, I have used several of these selections in my own home.

Staged living room painted and decorated with light, neutral colors to appeal to prospective home buyers
Neutral colors let buyers envision the space as their own.

Using one color throughout connected living spaces creates a cohesive, open effect and experts agree that neutral colors best allow prospective buyers to envision the space as their own. Airy shades that suit the finishes of your home in well-chosen whites, warmer-toned grays, taupe or "greige", and creamy beige shades make the most updated impression. Below are a few tried and tested picks you can rely on.


Soft, warmer whites feel inviting and fresh without feeling stark.


These gray-beige blends are right have a bit more weight, and are the perfect balance between the grays that are just starting to falling out of favor, and the modern beiges coming into vogue.

Warm Gray

Gray is still very appealing to buyers in the right shade. While cooler grays are slowly falling out of fashion, warmer grays offer an updated look that's more inviting.

Modern Beige

Don't think boring "builder beige" or 90s Tuscan hues. Contemporary shades are subtle and comforting and far less rich and golden than the shades of yesteryear.

Final Thoughts

Every room has unique lighting and finish considerations, so there is no one shade that can work for every space, but these popular colors are tried and true. Studies show that fresh paint before selling can be a critical step to your most successful sale, and sticking with light, neutral colors that feel bright and inviting will increase the perceived value of your property.

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