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Why Rainy Days are Great for House-Hunting

Recently my clients and I were texting about a newly refinished home about to hit the market. “Wow, it is actually perfect. It has everything we need. Let’s really be prepared to make an offer.” they messaged. We put together a potential offer strategy and I scheduled a showing for the morning it went on market. We were not going to let their dream house get away from us! The day of our showing was dreary and drizzly, but that weather ended up doing us a favor. The home was lovely, however, in the basement, we found a large section of the wall and carpet was damp to the touch. There was significant water intrusion. The source would need to be addressed and the new drywall and carpet would need to be replaced to avoid mold. We padded upstairs with wet socks, decided it wasn’t worth the headache, moved on to our next stop on our tour, and found another fabulous home that day that we had an offer accepted on. Without the rain, we could have been in for a soggy surprise on a new home they paid top dollar for.

Read on for three reasons why a rainy day might be the best day to look at homes.

Moisture Issues Are Apparent

Water intrusion can be very destructive in a home and the signs are often easy to overlook on a dry, sunny day. Moisture issues like a yard that floods, defective gutters or drain spouts, puddling near the foundation, and interior leaks or seepage are much more apparent on a rainy day. Just like my clients, you can learn a lot about how well a house keeps water outside where it belongs with a visit during wet weather.

Smells Are Stronger

You might get a little whiff of mildew on a dry day, but the scent is really amplified when it is damp. If present, mold, mildew, and other concerning scents will be easier for you to identify.

There is Less Competition

In the current Minneapolis market, sellers typically receive multiple offers on the first weekend and competition is fierce. Most people would rather cozy up at home instead of traveling house to house for showings during a downpour, but the smaller crowds of competing buyers could make a real difference in the bids you’ll have to beat out if you find a home you want to make an offer on.

While it might be tempting to take a rain check, braving a storm for your house hunt could pay off!


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