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What Zillow Won't Tell You

If you’re interested in real estate, you probably have a home search app on your phone or you head to a site like Zillow. It’s one of the most common places to start! But the fact is, Zillow can’t provide what you need to know to make an informed decision. Here’s what’s missing when you head to a site like Zillow and what you might want to do instead!

The True Value of Your Home

While a "zestimate" might seem convenient, it's not a guaranteed valuation of your home.

in fact, it could potentially be much higher or lower than what your home is worth due to its limitations - it has no way of knowing your home’s condition or updates and renovations you’ve done. An experienced Realtor® can provide a better estimate of your home's value that accurately reflects the property as it is today.

All Available Listings

Not all properties make it onto Zillow or have an accurate status on the site. In fact, only 67% of MLS or multiple listing services properties are discoverable on Zillow, so you're missing out on seeing what's really on the market. My direct access and customized search will show you all available properties that match your criteria with real-time status updates.

Personalized Guidance & Support

You deserve an experience that's tailored to you and your needs! When you use an app alone, you miss out on the advantage of working with a knowledgeable local agent to guide you through today's market and recommend a customized plan of action to meet your goals.

Ultimately, while you certainly don’t have to delete Zillow, I don’t want you to miss out on key info and a better experience. That’s what I’m here for!


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