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Do You Know Who You Need on Your Home Buying Team?

The journey of buying a home is an exciting adventure with a lot of moving pieces - but it's not one you have to (or should!) navigate alone. While I'll be here to guide you every step of the way, there are other pros we'll encounter along the way - each one playing an important part in your success. I always have recommendations for my clients of partners who I know deliver great results! Here is a breakdown of each different role you might encounter when buying a home;

Your Mortgage Lender

Unless you’ll be making a cash purchase, this is the pro who will assist with your home loan. They'll help get your pre-approved so you can effectively browse homes for sale in the right price range and confidently put in offers. They'll assess your unique financial situation, offer loan options, and guide you through the mortgage process.

Your Appraiser

If you're getting a mortgage, the lender will often require an appraisal. A licensed appraiser will evaluate the value of the home you're looking to buy in comparison to similar properties in the area that have recently sold to ensure that the lender is not at risk of providing more capitol than the home is worth in the current market.

Your Home Inspector

This pro will inspect the condition of the property you plan to buy, including its structure, major systems such as plumbing and electrical, and the overall integrity of the home. They identify any existing or potential issues so that you can make an informed decision about the purchase.

Your Title Agent

This pro ensures the property's title is clear of any legal issues or obstructions when it comes to property ownership. They'll also help facilitate the transfer of ownership to you as the buyer during the closing process. 

Your Home Insurance Agent

This pro helps you secure insurance coverage for your new home. They'll assess your needs, recommend appropriate insurance policies to protect your investment, and guide you through the application and underwriting process.

Looking for recommendations for any of these professional partners? I'm always happy to share the vendors I use on repeat to keep my buyers transactions running smoothly!


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